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The Good Life Experience is a holistic approach to fitness, health and overall experience. Owner and Pilates Instructor Cheryl D. Smith provides custom-tailored sessions and a personalized experience so that you look and feel your best. Learn more >

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why pilates

Pilates is a safe exercise that transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength, creates long and lean physiques, trains good posture, and teaches graceful body movement. It’s ideal for improving your body’s flexibility and agility while alleviating chronic pain, stiffness and poor range of motion. Learn more >

Builds a Stable Core

Exercises build strong stomach and back muscles, align the spine, and improve muscle coordination.

Lean Physique

Pilates will lengthen and strengthen the your body’s muscles to give you a long and lean physique.

Eases Pain & Discomfort

Imbalance, chronic pain and discomfort are diminished through exercises that promote flexibility, agility and range of motion.

Low Impact

Pilates is about quality, not quantity. Continuous movements are safe for all people regardless of age or ability.